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This 7 day program will immerse you in a visualization practice made entirely for entrepreneurs.

Learn scientifically supported techniques proven to remove emotional blocks that commonly prevent entrepreneurs from achieving successful outcomes. Created by Jaron Lukas.

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What is visualization?

Visualization is a practice of imagining and experiencing your goals as if they're already realized in the present moment. We use the creativity that naturally resides within your mind to place you in a flow state that is aligned with the desires you have for your business, your future and yourself.

Are you aware that most early stage entrepreneurs carry emotional blocks that become their primary barrier to success?

If you ever get anxious about going on stage, nervous about meeting influential people, or you aren't 100% convinced that customers will love your product, visualization techniques can help transform you into an. Even more than that, you'll feel great about yourself. You'll feel more confident, more in control of your future and more attractive to people you interact with.

While visualization is gaining popularity in entrepreneur circles, influential entrepreneurs have been practicing visualization privately for a long time, including Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Schwab and many more. The Visionary course brings this practice to entrepreneurs everywhere.


"Possibly the fastest way to learn the visualization method used by the world’s business elite… "

If you want to ignite a massive spark of growth in your business from customers that genuinely tell everyone they know how much they love your products and services, this will be the most important course you ever experience.

I'll explain why...

First, this isn't a guessing game for how to change your mentality. There's no "feel good" fluff material -- just a simple practice of meditation and goal visualization that have changed my life and the lives of many others.

The methods you'll learn have been used by Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and many other entrepreneurs. I have gone into great depth in studying their practices, as well as many other scientifically proven techniques such as neuro-linguistic programming and Buddhist meditation, and simplified these techniques into the 7-day Visionary course for entrepreneurs.


How to attract a stampede of customers and investors…

Instead of constantly struggling to convince them to buy your product and invest in your company.

Plus I'll show you...

How to use anchoring techniques that let you snap into feeling confident when you're on stage or in any other situation in less than a second. > Day 4

The secret to planning your business strategy according to your path of least resistance using your subconscious mind. > Day 7

How to take control of your thoughts through a simple daily meditation practice based on Buddhist teachings. > Every Day

How to get inside the mind of your DREAM customer and discover the marketing strategy that will not only make them buy your product but also tell everyone they know about it. > Day 5


Change your life in just 20 minutes a day for 7 days…

Each day of the course, we will focus on a unique visualization skill that aligns you with a specific aspect of starting and growing a business. Here's a sneak peek of what you'll learn each day below!

Day One will consist of an introduction to basic visualization. On this day you will practice experiencing your goals as if they’ve already been achieved. You will use your own thoughts to actually feel like you would feel if your goals were achieved. This will automatically help you reduce, or even get rid of the mental obstacles that exist within your mind–some that you are not even aware of–in order to go out with the best attitude to achieve those goals.
On Day Two of the program, you will practice visualization for abundance. One of the goals of this practice is to help you remove or replace negative thought patterns and emotional blockages. You will picture yourself making more money than you ever thought possible and it won’t feel fake. On the contrary, you are going to believe and feel you make those amounts of cash. Then you will think about negative thought patterns that you have linked with money and you will feel as they leave your mind for good.
Day Three will help you, among other things, to get perfectly comfortable with who you are. The visualization is designed for attracting supporters. So, that being the case, first you will have to accept yourself as you are in order to believe that someone else will do the same thing and become your supporter. During this visualization you’ll actually experience the supporters you need for your business begin to join you. And believe, it will feel great. So great, in fact, that you will begin to radiate the special kind of energy that you need in order to make people trust you; and so, it will become easier for you to attract supporters.
Day Four will introduce a visualization practice for extreme confidence. Having confidence in yourself is a tool that will help you achieve pretty much anything you envision. I know you already know this, but there are certain types of situations which get the best of us. We will use visualization techniques to help you become comfortable in a situation that would normally make you uncomfortable or even panic. Don’t worry, you will be just fine. Matter of fact, you will feel so confident that you may start to wonder why those situations got you feeling awkward in the first place.

Day Five will teach you a powerful visualization for attracting customers. If you’re trying to sell to customers, and if maybe you’re not even sure they’re going to like your product, day five is going to change that completely. We’ll build a mindset that gives you a positive feeling about your sales growth, in a way you’ve likely never experienced before. You’ll experience the positivity your customers have from before they purchase your product, to them telling everyone about it because they love it so much. Again, this new sensations you are making yourself feel only by using your own thoughts, will slip into reality and actually make a huge change in your life.

Day Six will teach you how to leverage one of the most important feelings you can have. We will practice a visualization for memorizing the physical feelings of gratitude into your muscle memory so you can snap back into a positive state in less than a second. When you are able to do this, your life will change because your emotional state will become a choice. This is one of the many neuro-linguistic programming techniques we'll use throughout the 7-day course.

​Day Seven will teach you how to draw on tactical advice from higher planes of consciousness within yourself. This session will be an experience like no other, and it will show you where to go next in your business by opening a communication channel with your subconscious mind. This visualization is going to be the most impactful lesson we have, and it will change the way you make decisions completely. It's a method that absolutely changed my life, and I'm excited for you to experience it.
Every day begins with 10 minutes of Buddhist meditation. This is crucial because it will allow you to take a step back from the never ending chain of thoughts that are the basis of our indecisiveness, anxiety and negative feelings. Once you are able to master, or at least be conscious of this phenomenon, you will have more control over your mind than you ever thought you could.


What you will learn in this course